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Traveller Tidbits

Traveller Tidbits

From recipes to local tips, check out Traveller Tidbits for the inside scoop! Here at K-Jack, we always try to provide our clients with local hints, tips and tricks- Whether you're enjoying local festivals or would like to find the best hiking trails, we're on your side. Want a good restaurant recommendation? Have a look through our 'Traveller Tidbit' blog for all the very best that our area has to offer!

Traveller Tidbits- Hiking Trails to Explore

on Friday, 06 December 2013.

Explore the Area!

parksville-qualicumIf you are looking for some great hikes or easy walks there are so many wonderful ones to choose from in the region. Many of the trails offer a few up and down slopes. You can pick from open flat areas to gradual climbs or some even more difficult and strenuous ones for the avid hiker! The trails lead through wooded areas or follow along side beaches, rivers, or lakesides. Each trail has its own natural attractions and beautiful scenic outlooks.
Visit the local Visitor Centre and pick up a copy of the official Regional Parks and Trails Guide! Plan your outdoor adventure and be sure to take outdoor gear, water, snacks, and most importantly, your camera!

Happy Trails!

Robin and Janine Murphy

Traveller Tidbits- Hiker's Trail Mix

on Friday, 06 December 2013.

Here is an easy, make ahead, Hiker’s Trail Mix that is great for a healthy and delicious snack!  Carry some with you when you are out exploring, hiking, or just lazing on the beach!


  • traveller-tidbits2Makes 7 cups (1.75 liters)
  • 1 cup (250 ml) of each of the following:
  • whole wheat cereal squares
  • pretzel sticks
  • sunflower seeds
  • pumpkin seeds
  • soy nuts
  • roasted peas
  • cashews
  • raisins or craisins
Looking for a gluten free alternative?  Exchange the whole wheat cereal squares for rice cereal squares and pretzel sticks with GF pretzel sticks!

Happy Trails!

Robin and Janine Murphy
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